Officials urge caution during cleanup of debris

Jun 6, 2014

Clean up of tree limbs and debris continues across the region today, after yesterday’s powerful thunderstorm killed two people, caused significant property damage, and downed trees and power lines.  As clean up takes place, officials are urging extreme caution around trees and buildings that have damage.  Craighead County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator David Moore says falling debris can be deadly.

“We saw this as a major problem about the 2009 ice storm,” Moore stated. “Broken limbs hanging up in trees would get dislodged after the effect, and there were several deaths as a result of falling limbs.  This is exactly the same situation.  You need to be aware of your surroundings, because not only can tree limbs be dangerous, but other debris that is on the roof of buildings can be dangerous.  We really need to be aware of what is above us because it could definitely fall if something is not secure.”                         

Several rounds of storms are expected over the next couple of days, but those storms are not expected be as strong as yesterday’s storm.