10:41 am
Tue May 1, 2012

Congressional Interview with Senator John Boozman

The Farm Bill, closures of post offices and new rules from the National Labor Relations Board are all topics KASU's Mark Smith discussed with US Senator John Boozman during this month's congressional interviews.

KASU Congressional Interviews
9:07 am
Thu March 22, 2012

Boozman backs gun legislation, talks budget and international issues on KASU

In his monthly visit with KASU, U-S Senator John Boozman discussed legislation that would allow conceal-carry permits to be recognized across state lines. He also promoted opening trade with African nations, discussed budget issues and gas prices, and gave his view of the many tense situations in the Middle East. Hear the complete interview here....


KASU Local
9:07 am
Wed February 29, 2012

Boozman talks about Middle East tensions and domestic budget concerns on KASU

U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) attended a National Guard breakfast on Wednesday, then called in for his monthly visit with KASU. He discussed the many concerns in the Middle East, and some of our federal budget issues on KASU. Click on the "Listen" link to hear the interview.

KASU Local
9:07 am
Tue January 24, 2012

Boozman discusses election year issues on KASU

U.S. Senator John Boozman, a Republican from Arkansas, talked about the upcoming State of the Union address, criticized some of President Obama's recent decisions, and discussed other election year issues, in his monthly visit with KASU. Click on "Listen" for the full interview.

KASU Local
8:54 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Senator Boozman discusses debt reduction, infrastructure Veterans Day and more with KASU

U.S. Senator John Boozman of Arkansas talked about the impending deadline for the debt-reduction Super-committee, tax reform, infrastructure needs, and Veterans Day, among a host of topics on this month's visit with KASU....