Walnut Ridge Proposes Hoxie Merger for 2017

Jan 17, 2017

After recently consolidating with College City, Walnut Ridge officials are seeking to merge with Hoxie for 2017.

KAIT reports Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp expressed hope in bringing the two cities together in his State of the City address to the city council Monday night.

Snapp told KAIT the consolidation with College City has been an economic boost for the city.  He said a merger with Hoxie could help build the economy for both cities and clear up liability concerns for first responders.

Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker opposed the consolidation saying their city was "in good shape."  Tinker did say he was open to a partnership between the two cities for future economic development projects.

Last year, Snapp created a committee to research the economic impact of possibly merging the two cities.