Stifling heat to stay for the next several days

Aug 20, 2014

After a relatively cool summer, more August-like temperatures are taking hold across the region.  For at least the next week, heat advisories are expected to be in effect with no chances of rain.  John Moore III is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Memphis. 

“We have got a big dome of high pressure building over the area today and it is not going anywhere anytime soon,” said Moore.  “Dewpoints will be in the lower 70s, and highs today will be in the mid to upper-90s.  This will cause the heat indices to be between 105 to 110 degrees.  Those are really dangerous levels.”

He says today will actually be the coolest day over the next week.  He urges extreme caution while out in the heat.

“You will want to reschedule any outdoor activities you have during the day and try to push those back.  Any strenuous activities, such as cutting the grass, you want to do that later in the evening, like maybe 7 p.m.  That is when the indices will be lower than 100 degrees.  If you have to be outside, you need to drink plenty of water.  Your body temperature can heat up fast, and it is not going to cool off that fast because there will be a lot of moisture in the air and it will feel really sticky outside.  Your body can’t cool off very fast when it is that moist in the air.”

Moore suggests that everyone check on the elderly and those with health conditions during this heat. 

“You should definitely check on the elderly and young kids.  Make sure you check in the back seats and vehicles.  You don’t want to leave pets or kids in the vehicles.  Temperatures will rise real fast and they can be more than 20 degrees higher inside a car, or a place that does not have air conditioning.  Make sure your neighbors are doing fine and they are cooled properly.”

Moore says the hot weather is expected to last at least a week, and temperatures will reach 100 degrees this weekend.