A-State Convention Center Developers Asks Jonesboro A&P to Reconsider

May 18, 2016

First floor diagram of the Red Wolf Hotel and Convention Center to be built on A-State's campus. It's being developed by O'Reilly Hospitality Management.
Credit Arkansas State University

  O’Reilly Hospitality Management is asking the Jonesboro Advertising and Promotions Commission to reconsider supporting the Arkansas State University convention center project. 

In March, the A&P Commission voted to fund the Keller Hyatt Place Hotel and Convention Center project to be located near I-555 along Browns Lane.  The 159-bed hotel and convention center is expected to cost about $27 million.

Later that month, the Delta Regional Authority awarded a grant of over $400,000 to A-State towards developing the O'Reilly project.  The project is a 200 room Embasy Suites Hotel and Convention Center which is expected to cost up to $50 million.

The commission will have a special meeting today to discuss the letter O’Reilly submitted; asking to reconsider providing funds for the project.  Dr. Bill Smith, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for A-State, told KASU News the university did not make any requests to the commission.

The commission will also discuss other funding requests unrelated to the center. 

The meeting will be held at the Municipal Building Council Chambers at 1:30.