New poll released about wet/dry issue in Craighead County

Jul 28, 2014

In a recent survey concerning an effort to expand alcohol sales in Craighead County, voters oppose the push to make the county wet.  471 registered voters in the county were surveyed for the Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College Poll.  The results were that 58% were against making the county wet, while 38% support the effort.  Editor-in-Chief of Talk Business and Politics is Roby Brock.

"58-38-6% is good news for opponents of the measure, and a tough challenge for supporters,” said Brock. “If the initiative qualifies, it will have an uphill battle in moving public opinion to a more favorable position.  Those without an opinion are minimal at 6%, meaning those in opposition will have to be persuaded to change their minds to support the effort."

The poll asked whether respondents supported or opposed the proposal, as well as analyzing the reasons why.

"We also tested reasons for support and opposition,” according to Brock.  “48% say they support the county going wet as a matter of personal freedom. 24% said there would be economic benefit, while 27% said both equally.  As for those who oppose, it was a much murkier result.  37% said it would impact the quality of life in Craighead County.  33% cited moral opposition to the alcohol expansion, and 24% said both were equal factors."

In the Craighead County survey respondents were also asked about church attendance.  Brock says this cross tab provided an interesting look at the correlation between religion and the alcohol issue.

"It shouldn't come as a big surprise that Craighead County is a very religious region of the state. 68% -- more than two-thirds of our survey respondents -- say they attend church at least once or almost once every week.  Frequent church-goers are among the largest group opposed to the alcohol expansion issue.  Nearly three out of four are against the proposal."

Talk Business & Politics will also release opinions from Craighead County voters on jobs and the direction of the community.  More information on this recent survey can be found at www.talkbusiness.net/nea.  Click here for more details.