Mitt Romney endorses Asa Hutchinson for Governor

Aug 20, 2014

Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaks to reporters as he endorses Asa Hutchinson.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is praising the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate for what he calls a plan that will provide Arkansas with lower taxes and better educational opportunities.  Speaking to reporters before a fundraiser in Jonesboro, Romney told why he was endorsing Asa Hutchinson.

“Governors actually make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.  This is not some political job that gets a lot of attention and not much gets done,” Romney told reporters.  “This is a job that really affects people’s lives.  I have read with some care Asa Hutchinson’s plan for the people of Arkansas.  It is a sound plan.  It will create better jobs, better pay and better educated young people.  That is what the people of Arkansas and, quite frankly, people of other states would like to see.”

Asa Hutchinson says he will spend a lot of time in northeast Arkansas because he sees that political views are changing.

“Northeast Arkansas has historically been a Democratic bastion, and that is what is changing,” stated Hutchinson.  “It is changing because of good leadership from Congressman Rick Crawford on agricultural issues.  It is changing because of the frustration people of northeast Arkansas have over what is happening in Washington and EPA regulations and gun control, and on and on down the list.  It’s reflecting the fact that Governor Romney secured an overwhelming majority of the vote in Arkansas, and especially northeast Arkansas, so they become more conservative.”

Hutchinson also stated that there are two contrasting views that Arkansas voters will have to look at when choosing the next governor. 

“We’ve made a point that Mike Ross has been involved with the Nancy Pelosi team devoted millions of dollars to get her agenda accomplished in Washington and electing her allies there.  He has carried some of the legislative water for President Obama, and these are important distinctions.  I think the message to all of Arkansas is that this election will make a difference.  Who you elect as governor makes a difference, both in terms of the economic future of this state, and also in the direction of our country.”

Hutchinson is running against fellow ex-congressman and Democratic nominee Mike Ross. They're running to succeed Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe, who is term limited.

In responding to Mitt Romney campaigning with Asa Huntchinson in Jonesboro, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Vincent Insalaco said: 

“Mitt Romney and Congressman Hutchinson are two sides of the same coin when it comes to taxes. Mitt Romney stashed millions in overseas bank accounts to avoid paying taxes and Congressman Hutchinson illegally took homestead tax credits on both of his homes. Arkansans just can’t trust a Washington, DC insider and former lobbyist like Congressman Hutchinson.”