Initial Plan: Commerce Lane from I-555 to Highway 49

Jul 11, 2017

The initial plan of extending Commerce Lane to Highway 49.
Credit Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has released an initial drawing of a proposal to extend Commerce Lane from Interstate 555 to Highway 49 in Jonesboro.  Ruby Johnson is Public Involvement Section Head with the Highway Department.  She says the project is in the initial planning stages and could change over time. 

"We have to take into account travel demands and growth of the city and safety," says Johnson.  "We will come back after the public comment period and we will have some more details about this project, such as how many lines, sidewalk possibilities, and who may be impacted by the project."

Ruby Johnson says after a 15-day public comment period, engineers will review the comments and do initial planning on the project, which will then be presented to the public in a future meeting.  No word as to when a meeting will be held next.