Can Jonesboro support two convention centers?

Mar 7, 2016

Can Jonesboro support two convention centers? 

That is a question that KASU news asked Roby Brock of Talk Business and Politics.  Last week, the Jonesboro Advertising and Promotion Commission decided to give funding to the Keller Family Hotel and Convention Center Project. 

The project is funded by the Keller Family and will consist of a 159-bed Hyatt Place Hotel and convention center. That project will be located on Browns Lane near I-555.  

KASU asked a Twitter poll asking listeners how many convention centers Jonesboro can support. Out of 11 respondents, this are the results.
Credit KASU

  The Red Wolf Hotel and Convention Center consists of a 200 room Embassy Suites Hotel, a convention center, and a restaurant.  It is headed by the O’Reilly Hospitality Management and it will be located at Arkansas State University.  Roby Brock gives analysis on the situation:

Brock says there will be need to be some planning as to how both convention centers could market themselves to different audiences:

Brock provides his thoughts on the immediate future of both projects:

Roby Brock.  Groundbreaking on the Keller project is expected to take place in a few weeks and is expected to open by the middle of next year. 

The Red Wolf project is expected to open in 2018.