Blues, Boats, Blacksmithing, and BOOs! - Episode 10/1

Oct 1, 2016

Blues, Boats, Blacksmithing, and BOOs!  That just a taste of the events Travel Writer Kim Williams will tell you about going on in Arkansas.

Williams has details on a historic Blues festival in South Arkansas in a town dripping with history of the music and the Mississippi.  Also, in this episode, there's an opportunity for kids to learn about boats... Steamboats to be exact.  Williams takes you to a historic city in Lawrence County where the family can have fun learning about how life was like back when Steamboats dominated the waterways and economy.

Plus, another trip back in time to the life of a homesteader and blacksmithing.  Finally, BOOs, as in the Paranormal.  It's the state's largest Paranormal Expo at the capital.  All of that and more in this week's episode.

Featured stops include Powhatan, Truman, Helena, Harrisburg, and Little Rock.