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The Jonesboro City Council is expected to pass a nearly 60-million-dollar budget at its next meeting.  The figure is actually two-and-a-half million dollars less than the 2015 budget. Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin tells KASU news that all but one of the city’s departments made cuts in capital improvement.  Jonesboro’s E911 department did not have any cuts to its budget.  Three amendments to the budget have to be approved next week by the city council’s finance committee.

Update on flooding in the region, state

Jan 4, 2016

The US Army Corps of Engineers is closely watching levees along the Mississippi River.  Communities on our listening area are not expected to receive the kind of flooding that has taken place in St. Louis; however, the river is expected to be in major flood stage levels from Cape Girardeau, Missouri south through Osceola, Memphis and Helena-West Helena.  Jim Pogue is a spokesman for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says a newly passed Property Maintenance Code will not go into effect until March.  Perrin made the announcement during a press conference, just days after he broke the tie to approve the proposal during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.  The code had been the subject of much controversy over a period of at least six weeks, where both sides adamantly expressed their views about the code.  Supporters say they wanted the code to help reduce dilapidated and neglected pieces of property.  Opponents say they were afraid of the interior requirements, as well as

Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

St. Bernards Healthcare announces a $130 million expansion in downtown Jonesboro.  The Master plan will be done in four phases.  The plans include the Ben E. Owens Cancer Treatment Center and the Heartcare Center---the center will be named after a former president and CEO of St. Bernards.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin was the deciding vote on a controversial property maintenance code.  After the city council came to a six-to-six tie, Perrin cast the seventh vote last night, which means that Jonesboro will have a property maintenance code that mirrors the International Property Maintenance Code.  After the meeting, Perrin commented on why he voted the way he did.

The Jonesboro City Council’s Finance Committee has approved the first draft of the 2016 budget.  The proposed budget for next year for the City of Jonesboro is projected to be just over 57-million dollars.  That is three million dollars less than the 2015 budget.  36-million-dollars is projected for the general fund, 4.7 million for streets, 6 million for capital improvements and just under nine million for all other needs.  City official say 71-percent of the revenue that comes in to the city of Jonesboro is through sales tax and state aid, and just over 60 percent of the expenditures come

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin breaks the deciding vote on a property maintenance code.  It passes 7-6. More details coming.  

Dozens of fans gathered this morning at Centennial Bank Stadium to cheer the Red Wolves football team.  The Sun Belt Champions loaded four buses that left Jonesboro to head toward New Orleans for Saturday night’s bowl game. It is the first time in four years that the Red Wolves have participated in a bowl game outside of Mobile, Alabama.  The Red Wolves had participated in the Go Daddy Bowl for the past three years, winning two out of those three times.  Several fans spoke to KASU radio about the bowl game.  Colton Byce is with the Hounds of Howl and comments on going to New Orleans.

The Craighead County Assessor’s office has received a second notice from a Wisconsin-based group concerning crosses in her office.  Tax Assessor Hannah Towell has been asked from the Freedom from Religion Foundation to take down religious symbols that they claim is in plain sight.  This is the second time they have made such a request.  The organization is threatening legal action if the symbols are not taken down.  The Craighead County Quorum Court has pledged its support for Towell, but Craighead County Judge Ed Hill tells KASU news he has lawyers looking at the complaint and the law to s

While the Craighead County Quorum Court has approved the 2016 budget, some complaints about the budget were made known last night.  A budget of just over 30-million dollars was approved last night.  Over 16-million dollars is going to county offices and different councils and forces.  The remaining budget goes to capital and special revenue funds.  The largest expected expenditures from the budget include over seven million dollars going to the county road department, 4.6 million going to the county jail, and 3.5 million going to the county sheriff’s office.  All county employees will rece

The incident that occurred yesterday on the campus of Arkansas State University led conversation during the December meeting of the ASU Board of Trustees.  Meeting at the Dryer Hall on the campus of Arkansas State Univeristy-Mountain Home, ASU System President Dr. Charles Welch told trustees that he was extremely pleased with the quick action of the first responders that came on the Jonesboro campus after reports of a man with a weapon started to surface.

A Jonesboro man is in the Craighead County Detention Center after a Thursday event that put the main campus of Arkansas State University in lockdown mode.  Jonesboro Police say 47 year old Brad Kenneth Bartelt drove on to the campus in a green Chevy truck, doused himself in gasoline, and pointed a gun at his chin.  The truck reportedly had gas and a propane tank.  The first call of the incident happened around 1:32 Thursday afternoon.  Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliot says University police officers were immediately on the scene after the truck went to the east side of the student union

Shooter in custody

Dec 10, 2015

A situation that involved a man with a shotgun and possible propane tanks has ended without shots fired.  The suspect is in custody at this time.  The university has remained on lockdown during this situation and will continue to be until the scene is secure.  No one was injured.  The man was located on the east side of the Carl R. Reng Student Union in Heritage Lawn.  No word as to who it was and what the motive was.  That information will be provided soon by the Jonesboro Police Department.  

Arkansas State University finds itself in lockdown mode.  According to University officials, a man drove onto the campus with a weapon.  University Police reportedly have the man surrounded on the back side of the student union near Heritage Lawn.  He reportedly is in protest mode.  No shots have been fired at this time and no one is injured.  Officials are urging those on the campus to stay inside.   We will have more details soon. 

Certificates of Marine Technology, Agriculture, drone policies, and fee rates are some of the items that will be considered during Friday’s ASU Board of Trustees meeting.  ASU-Mid-South in West Memphis is one of nine colleges in the Mississippi River Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Consortium.  The goal is to promote collaboration among colleges located along the Mississippi River.  As part of a U.S.

Brandon Tabor, KASU news

Workers from the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas spent part of Wednesday morning unloading a truck which contained macaroni and cheese.  In fact, 40-thousand-pounds worth.  The donation came from the Land O’Lakes company, courtesy of the company’s Winfield plant in Blytheville.  Plant Manager Paul Vickerson.

“They certainly need the help here with this facility.  I think that it was said the Food Bank is meeting about half the need and they need a lot more folks to step up to the plate and help out.”

The Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation held a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Ceremony in Jonesboro.  Veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam attended the ceremony at the Craighead County Courthouse, where a laying of a wreath took place.  Keynote Speaker and World War II Veteran Everett Evans.

"The significance of this day to me is to make sure that we remember what happened at Pearl Harbor.  That event caught everybody by surprise.  We bounced back as a nation and to make sure we never forget what happened."

Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas has received a 34-thousand dollar grant from the Blue and You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas.  Development Director of the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas Vicki Pillow says the funds will be used in the Backpack Program.

“Feeding America has added a “Foods to Encourage” emphasis, which includes whole grain and dairy.  We will be able to add whole grain cereal packs and milk with each backpack at the end of the week.”

She tells why this is important.

With the passage of the federal highway bill, US Highway 63 will become the new I-555.  The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department says there is a process that takes place to make the change.  KASU News was curious what goes into that process.  Learn more in this interview. 

Congress has passed a comprehensive highway bill.  The five year piece of legislation is fully funded and is worth over $300 billion.  Arkansas is expected to receive $2.5 billion in those five years, which is expected to help the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department finish existing projects, and start looking at new projects.  US Representative Rick Crawford says overall, Arkansas came out of the deal pretty good.

In anticipation of the signing of the federal highway bill into law, the Arkansas Highway Commission has approved a Minute Order that starts the process of creating the new I-555. 

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department tells KASU news the process started 40 years ago, when Highway 63 was turned into the Jonesboro bypass project. 

40 years and $250 million later, the highway is now up to interstate standards—except for a two lane frontage road across the St. Francis River Floodway that could be used by farm equipment. 

The US House and Senate are expected to send a new federal highway bill to President Barack Obama this week.  The new highway bill is a five-year bill that is worth $2.5 billion.  Arkansas is expected to receive 224-million-dollars in additional funds over the 5 year period, which will help the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department finish existing projects, and start awarding contracts on future highway projects.  Included in the bill is exemption language for agricultural vehicles that will make US-highway 63 the new I-555.  Once President Obama signs the highway bill into law, t

Jonesboro E911

From Jonesboro E911. 

Lucille Ray located in East Jonesboro, Police and EMS advised she is ok. Family has been contacted.

Jonesboro E911

Jonesboro officials are looking for this missing woman.  This information comes from Jonesboro E911 Director Jeff Presley.

Arkansas State University is the first university in the state to become a “Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.”  The designation comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Arkansas State University’s safety officer Jon Carvell.

“This is a commitment that we made with the National Weather Service to forward their warnings and alerts so that way we can share the alerts and information that they put out to the public.”

He tells how the process started.