Dyess http://kasu.org en Johnny Cash Music Festival Friday night http://kasu.org/post/johnny-cash-music-festival-friday-night <p>Friday night, the Johnny Cash Music Festival takes place at Arkansas State University's Convocation Center in Jonesboro.&nbsp; All proceeds will benefit the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Restoration Project in Dyess.&nbsp; KASU's Johnathan Reaves discusses the project and the concert with Dr. Ruth Hawkins, Executive Director of Arkansas Delta Byways.</p> Tue, 02 Oct 2012 12:58:43 +0000 Johnathan Reaves 18727 at http://kasu.org Johnny Cash Boyhood Home update http://kasu.org/post/johnny-cash-boyhood-home-update <p>Work on the restoration of Johnny Cash&#39;s Boyhood home in Dyess continues.&nbsp; The Second Annual Johnny Cash Music Festival takes place on Friday, October fifth at the Convocation Center in Jonesboro.&nbsp; Proceeds from the concert goes back into work on the home.&nbsp; KASU&#39;s Johnathan Reaves talks with Dr. Ruth Hawkins.</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2012 12:02:23 +0000 Johnathan Reaves 16339 at http://kasu.org Johnny Cash Tribute in Dyess February 26 http://kasu.org/post/johnny-cash-tribute-dyess-february-26 <p>A birthday tribute of music legend Johnny Cash takes place at the Dyess Community&nbsp;Center.&nbsp; KASU&#39;s&nbsp;Johnathan&nbsp;Reaves&nbsp;files this&nbsp;report.</p> Fri, 17 Feb 2012 13:46:36 +0000 Johnathan Reaves 7397 at http://kasu.org