Election http://kasu.org en Pryor discusses state travels, Central America trip, and more on KASU http://kasu.org/post/pryor-discusses-state-travels-central-america-trip-and-more-kasu <p>U.S. Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) talked about his stops around the state during the August recess, a recent trade mission&nbsp;with other lawmakers to Panama and Columbia, and election year issues, in his monthly visit with KASU...</p> Thu, 23 Aug 2012 13:48:39 +0000 MSMITH 16807 at http://kasu.org Pryor discusses international tensions, election year issues on KASU http://kasu.org/post/pryor-discusses-international-tensions-election-year-issues-kasu <p>U.S. Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) talks about Syria, and&nbsp;U.S. relationships in the Middle East, as well as budget issues and more facing an election-year Congress, in this month&#39;s visit with KASU....</p> Thu, 19 Jul 2012 13:39:18 +0000 MSMITH 14989 at http://kasu.org Boozman discusses primary and more on KASU http://kasu.org/post/boozman-discusses-primary-and-more-kasu <p>U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR)&nbsp;responded&nbsp;to&nbsp;the results of&nbsp;Arkansas&#39;&nbsp;primary election,&nbsp;and he also discussed&nbsp;the tensions in the&nbsp;Middle East,&nbsp;the budget process,&nbsp;the Farm Bill and more in this month&#39;s&nbsp;talk with KASU.&nbsp;Click on the &quot;Listen&quot; link for the whole interview.</p> Wed, 23 May 2012 13:49:08 +0000 MSMITH 12231 at http://kasu.org Jacob Holloway Interview http://kasu.org/post/jacob-holloway-interview <p>Another&nbsp;candidate in the First Congressional District Race&nbsp;was interview on KASU.&nbsp;&nbsp;Jacob Holloway plans to run&nbsp;as a Green Party Candidate&nbsp;for the race.&nbsp; Johnathan Reaves&nbsp;talks with Holloway about the nation&#39;s debt,&nbsp;jobs and gas prices.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Fri, 16 Mar 2012 11:48:11 +0000 Johnathan Reaves 8846 at http://kasu.org Special Election March 13th in Blytheville over IRS debt http://kasu.org/post/special-election-march-13th-blytheville-over-irs-debt <p>Blytheville&nbsp;owes&nbsp;over three million dollars in unpaid payroll taxes and penalties.&nbsp; A special election is set for March 13th, but there are concerns&nbsp;about this issue.&nbsp; KASU&#39;s Johnathan&nbsp;Reaves files this report.</p> Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:53:10 +0000 Johnathan Reaves 7277 at http://kasu.org Pryor discusses SuperPACs and more on KASU http://kasu.org/post/pryor-discusses-superpacs-and-more-kasu <p>Senator Mark&nbsp;Pryor&nbsp;covered&nbsp;a number of topics in this month&#39;s interview with KASU, starting with the impact of SuperPACs&nbsp;in this year&#39;s&nbsp;elections, and the&nbsp;President&#39;s&nbsp;decision to&nbsp;support the use of&nbsp;SuperPAC funds&nbsp;for&nbsp;his reelection campaign, despite&nbsp;his prior denouncement of&nbsp;such funding....</p> Thu, 09 Feb 2012 15:47:56 +0000 MSMITH 6987 at http://kasu.org Emerson talks election year issues with KASU http://kasu.org/post/emerson-talks-election-year-issues-kasu <p>U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson, a Republican&nbsp;serving Missouri&#39;s&nbsp;8th Congressional District,&nbsp;discussed&nbsp;a new year&nbsp;and a new session, as well as election year politics and issues, in her&nbsp;monthly talk with KASU.&nbsp;Click on the&nbsp;Audio link to hear&nbsp;the full&nbsp;interview.</p> Tue, 24 Jan 2012 14:56:01 +0000 MSMITH 6229 at http://kasu.org